My presentations are set up in a flexible format and depend on the needs and interests of the school, library or organization for whom I am presenting.

Because a number of my books are based on my travels in Africa and Haiti, I can speak about these cultures and my adventures in these countries as they relate to my books. I can show slides that relate to my books and my presentations include anecdotes about my books, writing in general and my experiences abroad. Presentations generally take between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the age level of the audience and can be tailored for all grade levels—kindergarten through high school. My books are most suitable for elementary school and middle school aged children. I can design a program for small groups as well as for full school assemblies. I include a question and answer period and am happy to autograph books. I also do writing workshops for small groups of up to 30 students.

Please contact me to discuss fees for your specific request or to arrange a visit.

"I really liked the program. Especially the Galimotos. The story tells how the children gather supplies to make the toys they play with. I might try making a galimoto myself if I can. They are really cool with the way the legs on the people worked on the bicycles and other galimotos. I like seeing the people’s pictures that the author met when she was there." —Elementary school student, Pittsburgh, PA

"The students in my class soaked up Karen’s advice about “showing, not
telling”, great first sentences, and the importance of keeping a writer’s notebook. The students were mesmerized by her visit. One student became so
attached to his writer’s notebook that he carried it with great pride everywhere he went." —Elementary school teacher

"Karen Williams took her world experience and demonstrated to the students
that good writers have to write from what they know. The students thought
deeply about their own experience in creating stories. Whether it was the
tale of a boys experience with his football friends or another’s deep involvement with early American reenactments, their stories reflected the information Karen shared." —Elementary school teacher

Discussion Topics

How, when and why I became a writer.

My life as a writer.

How to write a book— from idea to completion.

What I Offer

Writing workshops for all ages, slides and power point presentations. Sample manuscripts and books in progress. My collection of galimotos and other artifacts from Africa and Haiti that relate to my books.

I tell stories to engage the audience and use them as examples of what inspired me to become a writer.  The Bear in the Bottom of the Bed is a popular example.

What I Require

When asked to project digital photos, I will need a computer with Powerpoint and a projection system connected to it. In addition, 2 large tables or equivalent space for display, and a microphone for large groups are necessary.


Shorter programs in the evening or for special events are negotiable. I am happy to split a day between schools or to schedule several appearances in an area to help defray the costs.

Books for autographing can be purchased from the publishers for up to 40% discount. Selling these books to students for full or discounted cost can be a fundraiser to help pay for the fees of the author.



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